Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little taste of "Best Dressed on A Budget"

Just a little walk into some of the fun outfits I put together with all of the pieces of clothing I find at my local Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores. The majority of these outfits are below $12.00 and less.

Here I'm wearing the Ha Ha Hot Pink jacket with an animal print shell. Remember I purchase most of my shells for $2.99. What I enjoy about wearing shells underneath my jackets is that they are so comfortable because you don't have the tightness in the arms. (If you are like me who has chubby arms) lol

In this picture I'm wearing a wonderful Zebra print vest. I fell head over heels in love with this vest the minute I saw it in the Goodwill ($3.99). This is at my company Christmas party. The black longsleeve shirt underneath was also purchased at the Goodwill for the same price. I was also wearing some wonderful black capris from New York and Company $3.99. I was a big hit in this little number!!!!!!!

This was St. Patrick's Day, my husband and I were going out for the evening to a little Ice House in New Braunfels, TX. The white capri's are the one's I posted in "Real Simple" and the top is a Ralph Lauren shirt in a soft green ($3.99) both purchased at the Goodwill. I added a fun green flower, it was St. Patty's day after all.

Having a blast "Best Dressed on a Budget"


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  1. I'm so jealous you can tuck your shirts in! lol! I'm just thinking about that day at Walmart.....remember? lol! You guys look great!!