Sunday, April 10, 2011

I sure do love 1/2 Priced Wednesday's at the Salvation Army!!!

I visited my local Salvation Army last Wednesday and these are some of the great bargains I found!!!!!!! I so love my Salvation Army!!! What do you need in order to find treasure's like these, 1. Patience 2. Time 3. Just a little bit of money!!! "Best Dressed on a Budget!"

The first item I found on Wednesday was this fun lime green polka dot top from Cato. I am a green person expecially when I can wear this little top with my white capri's that I so love, with my denim shorts, and my denim blue jean short skirt (I have yet to post my denim finds). I left the price tags on the items so you can see what these items were priced. Remember it was 1/2 price Wednesday so I got this pretty on SALE!!!

The next little hott item I found was this "Hot Tamale" Talbot's red jacket. I can see myself wearing this with some white or cream slacks. I also think this will look great with a navy blue shell and the white slacks. I so love to wear red, white, and blue. Note the price tag and again remember it was 1/2 price day!!!!

Then I found this white little number. If you will notice I am in love with white. My mother always made sure we had white shorts, capris, and skirts every summer. I am always on the look out for white articles of clothing for the summer. I fell in love with this short sleeved New York and Company Jacket. I bought a special flower to go with this little number and I will post a picture of myself with it on real soon.

It doesn't take much money to be "Best Dressed on a Budget"!!!


  1. Very cute sister! I wish our Salvation Army had clothes like that or to even have a Goodwill! ugh!

  2. I know sister!!! My Goodwills and Salvation Army are the best!!!!