Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The picture of Me.

I know the picture of me is not a very good picture but nontheless I talked my husband into taking it for me late last year with my Palm Treo Sprint phone (It takes the worst possible pictures ever!!!!!). In this picture I am wearing working wear. I purchased all these items at either the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. I believe this entire outfit (accessories not included) cost me about $11.00. I need to check the name brands, at this time I can only remember off hand that the skirt (one of my favorite) is from Talbot's.

I want to define the title of this blog "Best Dressed On a Budget", this is what I claim  "what ever you put on that makes you feel fabulous, is to be considered "Best Dressed on a Budget". What is remarkeable to me is the incredible pieces of clothing that can be found with a little patience, time, and a tight budget. Just because you shop for your clothing at garage sales, thrift stores, resell boutiques, or the clearance racks of high end stores doesn't mean you have to look like you do.

Take pride in who you are and always complete the look with fun accessories, a polished face (makeup is a must for me), and finish with styling your hair. In today's day and age women are letting their hair go to the pony tail or hair clip instead of styling it. I am a lady from the 80's where big Dallas hair was in style.  Blow dry, curling iron/hot rollers, hair spray all a must.

I am off and running to an evening meeting so I changed from my suit into some wonderful black capris from New York and Company and my hot pink shell with black trim. It is a casual professional look, just perfect for tonight.


  1. 80's big hair is a must well maybe just some poof so it's not flat on my head and I'm happy. Make up is optional and dang I miss shopping!! I think I'd have fun shopping with you and sister sledge.

  2. Thank you to my sisters for all of their love and support!!!

  3. I'm so excited to see what your first post with photos will be. I can't wait!

    Deanna :D