Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real Simple Continued

I have enjoyed sitting in the doctors office reading the magazines in the waiting room these past months that I have been taking my son to his appointments. I have found myself becoming especially fond of "Real Simple". So when my cousin Barbie Zapata's daughter Hailey sent me a school fund raiser (magazine sales) I jumped on the idea of subscribing to the magazine. Last months issue demonstrated that the color for the summer was going to be tangerine, orange, mango (basically anthing orange). Well wouldn't you know I had found myself a beautiful Jones of New York suit jacket (orange/tangerine) last summer that I really love. Real Simple said that putting the orange with purple was the in thing. Well as luck would have it I happen to have two beautiful purple large pearl beaded necklaces. Wow now I'm suddenly in fashion, just like in "Real Simple". In the April issue of "Real Simple" I came across a photograph of a beautiful orange ruffled blouse and some white skinny pants on a very lean and tall model. Well first of all I love anything white. Every summer I buy white shorts, white capris, white pants etc...... This is something that my mother taught me (to love anything white in the summer). When I saw the picture of the very tall slender girl with the orange blouse and the skinny white pants I began to laugh my head off. Because a few days before my April issue of the magazine came in I had been on a shopping spree at the Goodwill and I purchased a very similiar outfit for myself!!!!! It isn't exactly because I would not be caught in skinny pants, because they just wouldn't accent my bodacious thighs in any way that would be remotley attractive. The blouse is orange with print from CATO and the capris are nice capris with a big cuff at the bottom of the leg. This is what I mean that just because it's at the Goodwill (or any thrift store) doesn't mean that it isn't in fashion. So here are my photos of the outfits. I know my pictures are not very good. I am going to pull out my good digital camera and try to take better pictures. But the point is that you can find so many treasures it just takes, time and patience. In the process you will realize that your finds will be featured in the upcoming fashion magazines. But only you will know that you are "Best Dressed on a Budget". Love, C Rod


  1. Sister, you are gonna have such a nice blog. I love that you are enjoying the shopping experience!!

  2. Thank you sister sledge, check out my Tangerine and Chocolate!!!! It is scrumptious!!!

  3. It is such a fun top, it's one of those pieces you could wear everyday. I've worn it with blue jean shorts, my white capris, and Saturday with my favorite denim short skirt (not tooo short).